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Death Penalty

Death Penalty

A Charley Sloan Courtroom Thriller

Charley Sloan Courtroom Thrillers (Volume 2)

William J. Coughlin

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Detroit lawyer Charley Sloan has been around the block once or twice. Down for the count, drinking heavily, a three-time loser in the marriage wars, Charley repairs his tattered career and gets back in the game. Heading his rogues' gallery of clients is the infamous, twisted angel of mercy, Doctor Death, whose patients have a strange habit of dying under very peculiar circumstances.

But now Charley steps into a case with the opportunity to do some good. The high stakes include a literal matter of life and death. And, as he quickly discovers, they also include the sinister stench of corruption that reaches to the highest levels of jurisprudence-including Charley Sloan's respected mentor. Suddenly, a rock and a hard place never looked so good.

Sometimes I like my clients, sometimes I don't. I try to convince myself that I do an adequate job either way. But sometimes I wonder. I wasn't fond of Miles Stewart, M.D., whom I had just defended in the Wayne County Circuit Court. We were...

Praise for Death Penalty

“A superb book, rich in the elements that make for a wonderful read. Death Penalty is the best of [Coughlin's] novels...a remarkable legacy...the most enjoyable book I've read all year.” —The Detroit News

“Bravo! Coughlin brilliantly captures the corruption of the legal system by human error and greed. Thought-provoking and timely.” —Library Journal

“A wily, likeable tale.” —Time

“Coughlin delivers another thoughtful, brisk-paced and fully satisfying legal mystery.” —Publishers Weekly

“Readers who enjoyed Scott Turow's Presumed Innocent are likely to enjoy this fast-paced novel. Will not fail to please connoisseurs of legal fiction.” —American Bar Association Journal


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William J. Coughlin

William J. Coughlin, a former defense attorney and judge in Detroit for twenty years, was the author of sixteen novels. He lived in Grosse Point Woods, Michigan, with his wife, Ruth, an author and book critic.

William J. Coughlin

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