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The Empress of India

The Empress of India

A Professor Moriarty Novel

Professor Moriarty Novels (Volume 4)

Michael Kurland

Minotaur Books


In the late Victorian days, a large amount of gold is arriving unannounced on the cargo ship The Empress of India. Yet the impossible happens--the shipment of gold disappears en route. Sherlock Holmes, brought in by Her Majesty's Government, knows that only one man is both diabolical and clever enough to pull off such an outlandish, daring, and, yes, theoretically impossible crime: Professor James Moriarty. Moriarty, however, had nothing to do with the crime and yet finds himself under siege from all sides. To regain his peace, Professor Moriarty undertakes to locate the missing gold. But the gold is only the exposed tip of the iceberg and he soon finds himself matching wits with a mind as nimble--perhaps even more so--than his own.

Praise for The Empress of India

"The series is nowhere near wearing out its welcome. ... This one's ideal for Holmes experts and novices alike." - Booklist

"The fourth Moriarty novel by the prolific Kurland carries forward the never-ending [Sherlock Holmes] franchise with authentic flavor." - Kirkus Reviews

"Lots of Indian lore adds colorful background to this ‘seemingly impossible crime." - Publishers Weekly


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Michael Kurland

Michael Kurland has written almost forty books. Most recently, he was the editor of the Sherlock Holmes collection Sherlock Holmes: The Hidden Years. Twice a finalist for the Edgar Award, he lives in Petaluma, California.

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