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Liz Sansborough (Volume 1)

Gayle Lynds

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When you gaze into the mirror--and find a stranger looking back? Liz Sansborough has no recollection of her past as a CIA agent; no idea what her future holds. For her, there is only the present...and the chilling knowledge that the world's most lethal assassin has set his sights on her.

When your only link to your identity is a stranger who claim to be lover? Gordon is so gentle, so loving--and so secretive. If Liz dares to put her life into his powerful hands, will he guard it with his own--or snuff it out?

When violence explodes around you, when nothing makes sense, when nobody--including you--is whom he or she appears to be? As Liz unravels a series of lies, she begins to suspect that the truth she encounters might be far more sinister--and deadly--than the original deception...

Chapter 1
Her past was slipping away. One morning she awoke to find strange furniture in her room. The man told her, "It's all yours. Don't you remember?" She didn't remember, but it was too much effort to say so. She was exhausted and hurt and...

Praise for Masquerade

“A mirror-maze of perils and pitfalls.” —The Wall Street Journal

“You won't sleep until you finish.” —Cosmopolitan

“A gloriously paranoid, immensely satisfying international thriller.” —Los Angeles Times

“A disturbing link to recent headlines.” —The New York Times

“Watch out Robert Ludlum! A bravura performance by Lynds, whose maiden race in the international thriller sweepstakes should make 'the boys' turn around.” —Sue Grafton

“Page-turning suspense...An edge-of-the-seat spy novel.” —Faye Kellerman

“A master of intrigue and adventure. Her rush-to-the-next-page excitement never stops.” —Clive Cussler

“Move over Ian engrossing story of internaitonal intrigue with (at last) a femlae heroine who can hold her own.” —New Woman

“Teeth-grinding suspense.” —Publishers Weekly

Masquerade is a ball.” —Santa Barbara News Press

“Rivals those of established masters.” —Chattanooga Free Press

“Elaborate charade...nonstop pace.” —Library Journal

“A female author blasts into the old boys' club of the international thriller.” —San Diego Union-Tribune

“An impressive debut.” —Winston-Salem Journal

“Hard to put down...a surprising conclusion.” —The Omaha World Herald


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Gayle Lynds

Gayle Lynds is the New York Times bestselling author of four international thrillers including Masquerade and The Coil. She is also the co-author with Robert Ludlum of three bestselling novels in the Covert-One series including The Hades Factor and The Paris Option. She has been a newspaper reporter, a magazine editor, and a think-tank editor with top-secret clearance before turning to fiction. She lives in Santa Barbara with her husband, writer Dennis Lynds.


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