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The Sacrifice of Tamar

The Sacrifice of Tamar

A Novel

Naomi Ragen

St. Martin's Griffin


Tamar Finegold is twenty-one years old, the happy, beautiful bride of a rising young Rabbi in one of Brooklyn's insulated, ultra-Orthodox Jewish communities. Having married the man of her dreams and taken her place as a wife—and hopefully soon-to-be mother—in her community, Tamar feels as though the world is at her feet. But her secure, predictable existence is brought to an abrupt end when she is raped by an intruder. Fearing the unbearable stigma and threat to her marriage that could result from telling the truth, Tamar makes a fateful decision that changes her life forever. Her feeling that she did the only thing she could under the circumstances explodes when years later a shocking, undreamed of turn of events finally forces her to confront her past, once and for all

Praise for The Sacrifice of Tamar

“A compelling and heartbreaking novel. Devastating, electric and illuminating, it held me, moved me, and gave me insight into a mysterious and demanding way of life.” —Iris Rainer Dart, New York Times bestselling author of Beaches

“A complex and moving story with a deft touch as Tamar's outwardly perfect life must finally be reconciled with her long-kept secret.” —Booklist

“[Ragen's] fluid writing and fascinating descriptions of an exotic community will make this an attractive title.” —Library Journal

“A fascinating glimpse into a little-known world.” —Jacqueline Briskin, author of The Naked Heart


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Naomi Ragen

Naomi Ragen is the author of novels including The Tenth Song, Sotah, The Covenant, and The Saturday Wife. Her books are international bestsellers, and her weekly email columns on life in the Middle East are read by thousands of subscribers worldwide. Ragen attended Brooklyn College and earned her master's in English from Hebrew University. An American, she has lived in Jerusalem since 1971. She was recently voted one of the three most popular authors in Israel.

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Alex Ragen

Naomi Ragen

St. Martin's Griffin

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