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Going Coastal

Going Coastal

Wendy French

Forge Books


Jody Rogers thought she was taking charge of her life, so why does it feel like everything is spinning out of control?

In the space of twenty-four hours, Jody has quit her dead-end job as a waitress at Dean's Ocean Galley, dumped her two-timing boyfriend (after catching him in the shower with her cousin!), and set out to jump-start her stalled twenty-something existence. Unfortunately, both jobs and men are scarce in the small seaside town of Bent Harbor, so Jody quickly finds herself single, homeless, and unemployed--just in time for her ten-year high school reunion!

Nobody seems to know what Jody should do with her life. Not her hookup-happy best friend. Not her psycho not-so-secret admirer. Not her amiable pothead brother. Not even her loving-but-unsupportive parents, who have already turned her childhood bedroom into a cozy arts-and-crafts studio. And least of all Jody, who can't understand how all her dreams have gone so wrong.

With no prospects, romantic or otherwise, on the horizon, can Jody somehow manage to turn her life around--before she goes completely out of her mind?

At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.

Marty McDade's uneven fingernails gripped the flesh of my right buttock and I knew I should have spat in his gravy. I spun around to face him, prepared for our third confrontation in as many days, only to be mocked by a smile....

Praise for Going Coastal

“In a voice as breezy as a day at the beach, Wendy French engagingly chronicles a life that is anything but. Her twentysomething heroine is in desperate need of a makeover, and French gleefully rises to the occasion, ultimately putting a fresh new spin on the old fresh start. This jaunty follow-up to the well-received sMothering will have readers giggling and groaning as lovable Jody gamely tests new waters and swiftly finds herself in over her head.” —Wendy Markham, author of Slightly Single on Going Coastal

“Fun, witty, and utterly charming.” —Sarah Mlynowski on Going Coastal

“Wendy French writes serious themes with wit and humor in this madcap journey of a modern girl's quest for love and identity. She is a pleasure to read.” —Marie Giordano author of I Love You Like a Tomato on Going Coastal

Going Coastal is thoroughly engrossing, deliciously scathing and screamingly funny until the very last page.” —John Blumenthal, author of Millard Fillmore, Mon Amour

Going Coastal is hilarious, charming, and deftly written, filled with memorably quirky characters. This surprisingly compassionate story is a triumph.” —Michael Kun, author of The Locklear Letters

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Wendy French

Wendy French, author of sMothering, was raised in Vancouver, Canada, where her parents unwittingly cursed her writing career by providing a happy and stable childhood. In an effort to overcome her unfortunate beginnings, she sought artistic torment at the University of Victoria, but despair eluded her. Although she earned a B.A. in Writing and English in 1994, she didn't suffer for a moment. Hoping for worse luck, she moved to Portland, Oregon, with her husband, but happiness continued to stalk her, day and night. Finally, she conceded defeat, abandoned her quest for misery, and began writing humorous women's fiction. Going Coastal is her second novel.

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Michael Hipple,

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