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Suck It, Wonder Woman!

Suck It, Wonder Woman!

The Misadventures of a Hollywood Geek

Olivia Munn with Mac Montandon

St. Martin's Press


Suck It, Wonder Woman! brings Olivia Munn's unique humor, incredible wit, and lightning-fast costume changes to a world that needs more scrapbooking, sea monkeys, and for the love of God, a freakin' hoverboard!

In this hilarious collection you'll find essays like "thought's About My First Agent's Girlfriend's Vagina," wherein Olivia skewers what it's like to live in Hollywood. In "Sex: What You Can Do to Help Yourself Have More of It," she frankly gets down to the business of getting it on, including advice on how to appropriately wrap it and bag it. In "What to Do When the Robots Invade (Yes, When!)," Olivia offers valuable information on . . . what to do when the robots invade! And just when you thought she couldn't get any more geeky, she can. This book also includes such handy treasures as a timeline of great moments in Geek history, a flip book, an unofficial FAQ section, and a nifty (read: smokin') foldout poster.

Praise for Suck It, Wonder Woman!

“Turn to page 92 now!” —Garry Shandling

A book only Olivia Munn could write. Better read it now; everyone'll be talking about it tomorrow.” —Stan Lee

“This book so good. You buy now. Okay, bye.” —Olivia's mom

“If Citizen Kane were a book, this would be it.” —Jon Favreau

“She's part Asian! And I like sushi.” —Masi Oka

“This book confirms why Olivia has garnered a massive supportive following--she's fearless, honest, relatable, and truly funny.” —Elijah Wood


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Olivia Munn with Mac Montandon

Olivia Munn is an actress and comedian. She is the star of NBC's sitcom Perfect Couples (created by the hit-makers of 30 Rock, Friends and Seinfeld) and a correspondent on Comedy Central's The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. Rolling Stone named Olivia one of the "Best Characters on TV" in 2010, saying she's "sarcastic and fearless ... with razor-sharp self-awareness." GQ named her one of the "113 Funniest in America." Vanity Fair said, "It was damn near impossible not to be charmed by her... instantly likable." She was anointed the "Queen of Comic-Con." The Washington Post has said that Olivia "cultivated this... with dry wit and a wink...swift and sharp with her improvised lines... Olivia was never at a loss for her place -- or for a one-liner." The New York Times, LA Times, Wall Street Journal, New York Magazine and USA Today have all shown their support of her sardonic humor. Known for going above and beyond to show her appreciation to fans, who she calls "more like friends than fans," Olivia says, "They've given me this amazing opportunity and life and I am beyond grateful." Raised between Oklahoma and Tokyo, Japan, she now resides in LA.

image of Olivia Munno
©Olivia Munn

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