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A Cold Hard Trail

A Cold Hard Trail

A Texas Outlaw Novel

Texas Outlaws Series (Volume 2)

Robert J. Conley

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"The devil's on my tail, and he's wearing a badge. Arrested for a robbery I didn't commit, I broke out of jail and took it on the 1 a.m. I had no choice. No sheriff's going to believe I have a double-unless I find the outlaw myself. If I live that long."

The Fosterville sheriff's bagged a few outlaws. The trouble is, Kid Parmlee, his buddy Zeb, and his Pa are dead ringers for bandits who took a stagecoach and made off with a fortune in gold. First step for the Kid and his partners is to make a fast getaway before they get hanged. On the run, and trapped between a trigger-happy lawman and a trio of hard-core desperadoes, the Kid finds himself outnumbered and outgunned. All he has now is raw nerve and blind rage to clear his name and escape the cruel plains alive.

In Kid Parmlee, Spur Award-winning author Robert Conley has crafted a fearless flesh-and-blood adventurer who lives and breathes the West as it really was.

Cold Hard Trail, The

Chapter 1
If you ever heared a me atall what you mighta heared is that I run off from my home in Texas when I was just only fourteen year old 'cause a the fact that I had done kilt me a man. The...

Praise for A Cold Hard Trail

“Robert Conley spins a fast-action tall tale salted with Western humor.” —Elmer Kelton

“Robert Conley is one of the most underrated and overlooked writers of our time, as well as the most skilled.” —Don Coldsmith

“Robert Conley is one of the most inventive writers America has ever had. Kid Parmlee...will charm your damned ears off.” —Max Evan, author of The Hi-Lo Country


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Robert J. Conley

Robert J. Conley, a member of the United Keetoowah Band of Cherokees, is the author of over forty books and the recipient of three Spur Awards. He lives in Oklahoma with his wife, Evelyn, also a Cherokee. Mr. Conley writes full time and is currently at work on the third book in the ongoing adventures of Kid Parmlee.

Robert J. Conley

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