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The Heights

The Heights

A Contemporary Imagining of "Wuthering Heights"

Brian James

Feiwel & Friends



Henry liked to imagine his life began that cold rainy day in San Francisco when Mr. Earnshaw found him shivering by the side of the road. That was the day Henry met Catherine. For Henry, Catherine is like a precious gift. She pushes away his angry thoughts and makes him feel safe and calm. And though Mr. Earnshaw, a widow, raises the orphan and Catherine as brother and sister, their love for each other goes much deeper. They vow to always be together.

But everything changes when Mr. Earnshaw dies suddenly and Hindley, Mr. Earnshaw's own son, gains control of the family finances. Furiously jealous, Hindley never accepted Henry as a true member of the family. He works to sever Henry's relationship with Catherine and the violent rage Henry has harbored since he was a child bubbles to the surface. . . .

Contemporizing the classic novel, Wuthering Heights, notable YA author, Brian James delives into the dark nature of obsessive love, the social injustices of class, and the self-destructive power of revenge in this emotionally raw unforgettable offering.

I've always thought our house was really Heaven in disguise. Sometimes instead of thinking I was born the day Mr. Earnshaw found me, I think it's really the day I died. But either way it doesn't matter . . . dead or alive doesn't matter . . ....

Praise for The Heights

“Acts of increasing cruelty underscore this novel's provocative, daring questions about the human spirit's irreparable breaking points and the roots of obsessive love.” —Booklist

“The author succeeds at creating a modern-day story of doomed love with convincing depths of emotion.” —The Horn Book Review

“This contemporary retelling of the classic and super-romantic fave, Wuthering Heights, is a gothic love story at its best.” —Justine Magazine


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Brian James

BRIAN JAMES is the author of several highly praised books for young adults, including Pure Sunshine, Tomorrow, Maybe, Dirty Liar, and Zombie Blondes, available from Feiwel and Friends. He lives in Upstate New York.

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