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Knot Gneiss

Knot Gneiss

An Astonishing, Wildly Witty Xanth Adventure

Xanth (Volume 34)

Piers Anthony

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Wenda Woodwife has a knotty problem--her mood swings have sent her beloved husband, Prince Charming, off on Adventure. She seeks the cure from the Good Magician Humphrey, only to discover that he has a knotty problem of his own and that only Wenda Woodwife can help him.

She'll need Companions. Luckily, in Xanth magical companions are never far away, and all roads lead to Adventure.

Knot Gneiss, this 34th installment in the saga of the magical land of Xanth proves the enduring appeal of Piers Anthony's peerless creation.

At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.

Knot Gneiss

Chapter 1


Wenda Woodwife Charming was horribly distressed. She knew that a good part of the reason Prince Charming had gone on a royal business trip far, far away was to get away from her. Oh, he still...

Praise for Knot Gneiss

"Here we go 'Adventuring' in Xanth once more, meeting a horde of the familiar characters while running the gauntlet of a multitude of sins. …Xanth remains a land of happy endings, however, and readers can expect the usual amount of enjoyment from this thirty-fourth Xanth tale." --Booklist on Knot Gneiss

“Profusely punning his path through his 26th Xanth fantasy (Up in a Heaval), the prolific Anthony focuses on a contest between Demon Jupiter and Demon Fornax, reviving to great effect the dueling demons theme from last year's Swell Foop…As they crisscross Xanth, they encounter many of the characters featured in Anthony's previous works. Anthony's latest offering is certain to please fans.” —Publishers Weekly


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Piers Anthony

Piers Anthony is one of the world's most popular fantasy authors and a New York Times bestseller twenty-one times over. His Xanth novels have been read and loved by millions of readers around the world. In addition to his bestselling Xanth books, Anthony is the author of a series of historical fantasies called The Geodyssey, that makes the broad sweep of human history into very personal stories. Piers Anthony has a devoted fan following, and he daily receives hundreds of letters and emails from them. Piers Anthony lives in Inverness, Florida.

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