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The Arena of Masculinity

The Arena of Masculinity

Sports, Homosexuality, and the Meaning of Sex

Brian Pronger

St. Martin's Griffin



Sports are perhaps the most visible expression of the ideals of masculinity in our society, and figure as a training ground on which young boys are taught what it means to be a man. Given the involvement of sports with masculinity, the homosexual athlete becomes a paradox, and the recent explosive growth of gay sporting leagues, a puzzle.

Pronger explores the paradoxical position of the gay athlete in a straight sporting world, examines the homoerotic undercurrent subliminally present in the masculine struggle of sports, and explicates the growth of gay sports in the framework of the developing gay culture.

Arena of Masculinity

"The essence of truth is freedom ... Freedom ... lets beings be the beings they are."
--Martin Heidegger

Incongruous and seductive, the combination...

Praise for The Arena of Masculinity

“A remarkable discussion of athletics, male sexuality, and gay sensibility that has not heretofore been heard in tones above a whisper. A stunning achievement.” —Books in Canada

“A significant contribution to the critical literature about sex and gender roles.” —San Francisco Bay Times

“A refreshing, often humorous look at gay sensibility that debunks many traditional, macho-male icons.” —Vancouver Sun


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Brian Pronger

Brian Pronger is an Associate Professor in the Faculty of Physical Education and Health at the University of Toronto.

St. Martin's Griffin

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