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The Web of Titan

The Web of Titan

A Galahad Book

Galahad (Volume 2)

Dom Testa

Tor Teen


The first book in the Galahad series, Dom Testa's science fiction epic

When the tail of the comet Bhaktul flicks through the Earth's atmosphere, deadly particles are left in its wake, and mankind is confronted with a virus that devastates the adult population. A renowned scientist proposes a bold plan: to build a ship that will carry a crew of 251 teenagers to a home in a distant solar system. Two years later, Galahad and its crew is launched. If their mission fails, it will be the end of the human race…

After triumphing over a saboteur bent on destroying Galahad, Triana and her Council are eager to avoid any further complications. But as Galahad swings around the ringed planet Saturn, they encounter a mysterious metal pod orbiting the moon of Titan. The teens prepare to bring the pod and its contents aboard, only to be faced with a another crisis: an illness that is beyond their medical experience. Dozens of crew members fall into a comatose state, only to awaken with strangely glowing eyes. To make matters worse, the systems of Galahadbegin to fail. With time running out, can Triana and her shipmates escape the Web of Titan?

At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.

The storm raged quietly along the surface, a swirl of colors colliding, mixing, weaving. Layers of gas clouds tumbled across one another, their brilliant shades of red and purple highlighted by short bursts of lightning. Winds galloped along...

Praise for The Web of Titan

“Grabs readers' attention with the very first page and never lets go. Both a mystery and an adventure...this opener bodes well for the remainder of the series.” —Kirkus Reviews on The Comet's Curse

“Part space opera, part mystery, the story draws readers in from the beginning with well-paced hooks, plenty of suspense, and a strong premise.” —School Library Journal on The Comet's Curse

“Sci-fi fans will enjoy Testa's spare Asimovian plot....Stealing the show is the Galahad's mischievous central computer, Roc, who speaks directly to the readers as he acts as a Greek chorus.” —Booklist on The Comet's Curse


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Dom Testa

DOM TESTA, of Denver, Colorado, has been a radio show host since 1977, and currently is a co-host of the popular "Dom and Jane Show" on Mix 100 in Denver. A strong advocate of literacy programs for children, he regularly visits Colorado schools. Dom began the Big Brain Club to encourage students to overcome the peer pressure that often prevents them from achieving their true potential. He is the author of the Galahad series of young adult novels, beginning with The Comet's Curse.

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