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Shut the Door

Shut the Door

A Novel

Amanda Marquit

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In the vein of "American Beauty," Shut the Door offers a glimpse into the world of a family in crisis. It focuses on two teenage sisters struggling to carve their identities as young adults, taking risks and undergoing disturbing transformations that go unchallenged by their emotionally absent parents. Meanwhile, their parents' marriage is disintegrating and no longer provides the support the girls so desperately need. Their father's prolonged absence on a business trip provides the impetus to reevaluate family roles and relationships--and the choices made are shocking. This evocative family portrait reveals just what happens when our support system falls away and we become disconnected from the ones we love the most.


Shut the Door

She felt awkward without him there. As if her movements were newer, more different, emptier. Blind and without meaning. And she had never known about missing him before. He had always just been...


Praise for Shut the Door

“Could it really be that Amanda wrote this book when she was only sixteen? In a fugue of distinct voices, Marquit pulls us inside the dangerous fault lines of a family about to earthquake--a neglected wife sinking into madness, a husband adrift on a never-ending business trip, and two teenage daughters desperately trying to escape their lives by forging new ones. A prismatic page-turner about the lies we tell ourselves and each other, and the inventions we cling to--all from a young scribe who's well on her way to brilliance.” —Caroline Leavitt, author of Girls in Trouble

“Marquit skillfully interweaves recurring motifs....Sure to attract a Gen-Y following and further traumatize parents.” —Kirkus

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About the author

Amanda Marquit

Amanda Marquit, eighteen, lives with her family in New York City where she attends the Professional Children's School. She has studied ballet at the School of American Ballet, has performed original compositions for piano and has written several poems and short stories. Amanda began work on Shut the Door, her first novel, at age fourteen and completed it at age sixteen.

Amanda Marquit

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