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Sun of Suns

Book One of Virga

Virga (Volume 1)

Author: Karl Schroeder

Sun of Suns

Sun of Suns

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In this sci-fi thriller, Hayden Griffin has come to the city of Rush with one thing in mind: to take murderous revenge for his parents' deaths.
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In Karl Schroeder's sci-fi thriller, Hayden Griffin has come to the city of Rush with one thing in mind: to take murderous revenge for his parents' deaths.

It is the distant future. The world known as Virga is a fullerene balloon three thousand kilometers in diameter, filled with air, water, and aimlessly floating chunks of rock. The humans who live in this vast environment must build their own fusion suns and "towns" that are in the shape of enormous wood and rope wheels that are spun for gravity.

Young, fit, bitter, and friendless, Hayden Griffin is a very dangerous man. He's come to the city of Rush in the nation of Slipstream with one thing in mind: to take murderous revenge for the deaths of his parents six years ago. His target is Admiral Chaison Fanning, head of the fleet of Slipstream, which conquered Hayden's nation of Aerie years ago. And the fact that Hayden's spent his adolescence living with pirates doesn't bode well for Fanning's chances . . .

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“We already knew that Karl Schroeder could do Kubrick. Now it turns out he can do Dumas as well. And more: not since Middle Earth have I encountered such an intense and palpable evocation of an alien world. Sun of Suns puts the world-building exercises of classic Niven to shame.” —Peter Watts

“Mix in one part thrilling action, one part screaming-cool steampunk tech, and one part worldbuilding and you've got Sun of Suns. And oh, what worldbuilding! Schroeder is a master.” —Cory Doctorow, author of Someone Comes to Town, Someone Leave Town and co-editor of Boing Boing

“Karl Schroeder's SUN OF SUNS not only creates an even more unusual and evocative setting than his previous work, but is replete with adventures and turns, and characters that are anything but one-dimensional.” —L.E. Modesitt, Jr.

“I loved it. It never slowed down. The background is fascinating and the characters held my attention. It reminded me a little of The Integral Trees, with technology a little more advanced.” —Larry Niven on Sun of Suns

“Over the years, science-fiction has provided us with awesome environments, the best ones based on careful logic. There was Hal Clement's Mission of Gravity and Robert Forward's Dragon's Egg. Karl Schroeder's new novel is in a class with these masterpieces. The longer one ponders Sun of Suns, the less paradoxical--and the more intricately sensible--it comes to be” —Vernor Vinge

Sun of Suns is a rip-roaring story full of marvellous images and cutting-edge ideas. Schroeder has the rare and invaluable ability to develop wholly new concepts and turn them into compelling narratives. The scientists are already studying Schroeder's ideas.Take him very seriously.” —Stephen Baxter

“Karl has managed to have his cake and eat it [too]. . . .It's a satisfying story in itself, but raises enough questions for me to want to buy the next in the series.” —Neal Asher, author of The Skinner

“Schroeder's deft alchemy fuses scrupulously detailed, mind-expanding world-building with unabashed, rip-roaring pulp adventure to produce a twenty-four carat story sparkling with science fiction's finest virtues.” —Paul McAuley on Sun of Suns

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Sun of Suns

Sun of Suns