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Heavy Metal Pulp: Money Shot

Heavy Metal Pulp: Money Shot

Netherworld Book Three

Heavy Metal Pulp (Volume 3)

Christopher Rowley

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Detective Rook Venner was a successful investigating officer for the Hudson Valley Police Department—until the General Sangacha murder case came across his desk and his world exploded.

Now after being dragged through hell and back, Rook is on the run with Plesur, a Pleasure Model who is the one eyewitness to the murder. Plesur carries a secret in her brain that terrifies the powers-that-be. A secret that they will do anything to destroy—even bring in a Tactical Robotic Regiment to track Rook and Plesur down and annihilate them.

The only choice the two have is to locate the coordinates that were planted in the pleasure mod's head to the isolated mountain ridge where it all began. Deep underground, in a warren of machine halls and ice caves, something so horrific is happening that just knowing three code words is enough to get you killed: Operation Taste Imperative.

Rook and Plesur have no way back and no way out. If they want to survive and have any kind of life together, they must uncover the terrifying secret that lies deep inside the mountain.

At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.

Chapter One
Rook Venner stood in the clouds. Far, far below, the land glittered to infinity as the endlessly setting sun picked out purple mountaintops and golden fields. He thought of those long summer days watching baseball with his father...

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Christopher Rowley

Christopher Rowley is a prolific science fiction and fantasy writer, author of Bazil Broketail and Starhammer. Rowley lives in New York's Hudson Valley.

Interior artist Justin Norman's design for graphic novels includes the critically acclaimed Elephantman comic series. Norman lives in Seattle, Washington.

Cover artist Gregory Manchess has produced covers for Time, National Geographic, and Atlantic Monthly, as well as spreads for Playboy, Omni, Newsweek, and Smithsonian.

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