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The Spanish Game

The Spanish Game

A Novel

Alec Milius (Volume 2)

Charles Cumming

St. Martin's Press


"The best of the new generation of British spy writers taking over where le Carre and Deighton left off." -- Observer (London) on The Spanish Game

"The serpentine twists and the unflaggingly realistic suspense leave you breathless, but spellbound." -- Daily Mail (London) on The Spanish Game

"Tautly written, cleverly plotted...reminded me strongly of the early books of John le Carre." -- Robert Harris, author of The Ghost, on A Spy by Nature

Six years ago, Alec Milius was released by MI6 after a disasterous operation. His world shattered, Milius has been living in Madrid, attempting to put his former life as a spy behind him, and quitely rebuild his life. But all his plans come crashing down when the head of a separatist movement goes missing, and Milius is lured back into the world of espionage, the brutal world of lies and desperation. This time, though, Milius is forced to work alone - with no back-up, no support, and no one to save him should something go wrong.

And in an operation like this, something is certain to go wrong. Horribly wrong.

The door leading into the hotel is already open and I walk through it into a low, wide lobby. Two South American teenagers are playing Gameboys on a sofa near reception, kicking back in hundred-dollar trainers while Daddy picks up...

Praise for The Spanish Game

“This is spy fiction of the highest order; Cumming deserves to be ranked with the best of the genre's practitioners.” —Publishers Weekly (starred review)

“A convincing character study of an imperfect spy...engrossing.” —Daily Telegraph (London)

“A cracking good spy thriller...the serpentine twists and unflaggingly realistic suspense leave you breathless, but spellbound.” —Daily Mail (London)


In the Press

Alec Milius, the protagonist of Cumming's well-received first novel, A Spy by Nature (2007), has created a new life in Madrid working as a researcher for a - Publishers Weekly

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Charles Cumming

CHARLES CUMMING is the author of international bestseller, A Spy by Nature. A former British Secret Service recruit, he is a contributing editor to The Week magazine and lives in London.

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