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The Purple Decades

The Purple Decades

A Reader

Tom Wolfe; Introduction by Joe David Bellamy

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Tom Wolfe's The Purple Decades brings together the author's own selections from his list of critically acclaimed publications, including the complete text of Mau-Mauing and the Flak Catchers, his account of the wild games the poverty program encouraged minority groups to play.


The Purple Decades

Look! She beckons! With those deep high-class black eyes! Here at a dinner party in Alfred Barr's apartment, in a room full of men who get their shirts hand-laundered at 90 cents...


Praise for The Purple Decades

“[The Purple Decades] is a sociologist's dream: a time capsule of ideas and idioms, brand names and places, cult heroes and calling cards.” —Ellen Wilson, The Wall Street Journal

“The Purple Decades . . . [is] a selection and collection of Tom Wolfe's work from the last 18 or so years, and it's amazing how it holds up . . . Wolfe is just the most perceptive societal journalist we have, and on top of that, though it is often concealed, he endures, or enjoys, real feeling.” —Margaret Manning, The Boston Globe

“Gorge in this extravagant selection of [Tom Wolfe's] writing, sprinkled with ultra-contemporary cartoons.” —Emily Vincent, Houston Chronicle

“Mr. Wolfe doesn't spatter out these wonderful words for their own sake. He exhibits them because they're the right medium for his satiric and moral vision . . . Reading him is exhilarating.” —Paul Fussell, The New York Times Book Review

“A feast for nostalgic trend-watchers.” —Kirkus Reviews

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Tom Wolfe; Introduction by Joe David Bellamy

Tom Wolfe is the author of a dozen books, among them such contemporary classics as the bestselling The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test, The Right Stuff, and The Bonfire of the Vanities. A native of Richmond, Virginia, he lives in New York City.

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Joe David Bellamy

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