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Charlie Joe Jackson's Guide to Extra Credit

Charlie Joe Jackson's Guide to Extra Credit

Charlie Joe Jackson Series (Volume 2)

Tommy Greenwald; Illustrated by J. P. Coovert

Roaring Brook Press


Charlie Joe Jackson, the most reluctant reader ever born, made it his mission in the first book to get through middle school without reading a single book from cover to cover. Now he's back, and trying desperately to get straight A's in order to avoid going to academic camp for the summer. In order to do this, he will have to betray his friend, lose the girl of his dreams, and end up acting in a school play about the inventor of paper towels. Charlie Joe's not exactly the "school play kind of guy", but desperate times call for desperate measures.

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You probably already know that books and me don't get along.
And I'm not exactly what you'd call the most studious kid in the world.
In elementary...

Praise for Charlie Joe Jackson's Guide to Extra Credit

“No middle schooler wants to face a month at summer enrichment camp, but many will enjoy watching Charlie Joe work harder than he has ever worked before to avoid it…even if he fails.” —Kirkus

“Sure to appeal to reluctant readers who will identify with Charlie Joe's knack for avoiding reading and schoolwork, this title would also make a fabulous read-aloud. Luckily for fans of Charlie Joe, another installment in this unlikely hero's life is forthcoming.” —School Library Journal


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Read the Kirkus Review of CHARLIE JOE JACKSON'S GUIDE TO EXTRA CREDIT . Charlie Joe Jackson learns that "being a perfect student is just really, really hard." - Kirkus Reviews

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Tommy Greenwald; Illustrated by J. P. Coovert

TOMMY GREENWALD is extra excited about the next chapter in the Charlie Joe Jackson series! His favorite meal is extra crispy fried chicken and ice cream with extra hot fudge sauce. Tommy lives in Connecticut with his extraordinary wife Cathy; his extra-special kids Charlie, Joe and Jack; and his extremely cute dogs, Moose and Coco. His favorite television show is Extra.

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