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Stephen Coonts' Deep Black: Sea of Terror

Stephen Coonts' Deep Black: Sea of Terror

Deep Black (Volume 8)

Stephen Coonts and William H. Keith

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Two massive ships are on a dual path to destruction. One is a freighter carrying nuclear materials to Japan; the other, a cruise ship heading for the Mediterranean. Neither will reach their destinations. Two factions—Japanese eco-terrorists and Middle East extremists—have joined forces to infiltrate the ships, incapacitate the crew, and change course toward a common target:
The United States of America.

In Washington, Charlie Dean and a team of commandos are dispatched on a life-or-death mission to blow the hijackers' plot out of the water. Their plan: board the ship unnoticed, pose as ordinary passengers, and overtake the terrorists. But time is running out. The seized ships are crossing the Atlantic with the combined strength of a full-scale nuclear torpedo. And New York City is just on the horizon.…in Stephen Coonts' Deep Black: Sea of Terror, cowritten with William H. Keith.

Royal Sky Line Security Office
Southampton, England
Thursday, 1127 hours GMT
"MY GOD, MITCHELL!" CHARLIE Dean said, shaking his head. "You have got to be freaking kidding!"
"You know better than that, Mr. Dean," Thomas Mitchell...

Praise for Stephen Coonts' Deep Black: Sea of Terror

“The action moves swiftly to its Hollywood ending.” —Publishers Weekly on THE ASSASSIN

“In bestseller Coonts's assured new international thriller, Tommy Carmellini, the sardonic, laid-back CIA agent who became a star in 2004's Liars and Thieves gets a shot at the big time.” —Publishers Weekly on THE TRAITOR

“Vintage Coonts...plenty of action and intrigue, with the added benefit of a new lead character.” —Dallas Morning News on THE TRAITOR

“Excellent.” —Publishers Weekly (starred review) on THE TRAITOR

“Frighteningly realistic.” —Maxim on LIBERTY

“Gripping…Coonts's naval background and his legal education bring considerable authority to the story, and the narrative is loaded with detailed information about terrorist networks, modern weaponry, and international intrigue…the action is slam-bang.” —Publishers Weekly on LIBERTY


Reviews from Goodreads

Stephen Coonts and William H. Keith

As a naval aviator, Stephen Coonts flew combat missions during the Vietnam War. A former attorney and the author of many New York Times bestsellers, including The Disciple and The Assassin, he and his wife reside in Colorado.

Deep Black co-author William H. Keith has written nearly eighty books over the past twenty-five years. His novels, published under the pseudonyms Ian Douglas and H. Jay Riker, are geopolitical thrillers with an emphasis on the Marines and submarine warfare. A veteran of the Navy, he lives in western Pennsylvania.

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Deborah Coonts


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