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The Gift of Jazzy

The Gift of Jazzy

Cindy Adams

St. Martin's Press


This is the true story of a savvy, seemingly tough columnist who could take on Clintons, Bushes, VIPs from New York to Hollywood--but is taken prisoner by the love of a tiny Yorkie who taught her more about joy and survival than any human could have.
After The New York Post's Cindy Adams lost her husband Joey, finding a new companion was the last thing on her mind. But one day, an unannounced visitor brought just that, in the form Cindy least expected: a dog named Jazzy. Although Cindy had never considered herself a dog lover before, Jazzy quickly moved from unwelcome surprise to her closest family member. Cindy brings her famous wit, smarts and taste for celebrity dish to the page in recounting her hilarious first year with Jazzy--which gave her a new leash on life. This book will touch anyone who's ever lost someone dear.

Praise for The Gift of Jazzy

“President Harry Truman once remarked that if you want a friend in Washington, you need to get a dog. Though he may have been exaggerating, all the dogs I've privileged to have in my life have been real friends with qualities people should have: loyalty, affection, persistence, and a huge capacity for joy. I'm glad Cindy Adams is giving us a look at out unique relationship with these special companions.” —former President Bill Clinton

“My dog is my friend. I love to talk to Popeye. I love Popeye to rub against me. That's how I know I'm alive. And that's how you'll feel when you read this book.” —Mary J. Blige

“Toss the Prozac, trash the Zoloft, cuddle up with this book and your furry best friend.” —Judge Judy

“Dogs never had it so good since they won Cindy Adams over. Forget Tom Cruise and those other celebs she writes about. Cindy's now penned a book about her darling Jazzy. Ms. Adams, one of the non pareil observers of behavior of our time, has dog and bitch behavior down pat. Don't miss this book!” —Liz Smith, jealous syndicated columnist

“If you're looking for something else really satisfying to do in bed, get in between the sheets and read this book.” —Kim Cattrall, author of Sex & the City

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Cindy Adams

Cindy Adams is a columnist for The New York Post. She lives in New York City.

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