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American Radical

American Radical

The Life and Times of I. F. Stone

D. D. Guttenplan

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Popular Front columnist and New Deal propagandist. Fearless opponent of McCarthyism and feared scourge of official liars. Enterprising, independent reporter and avid amateur classicist. As D.D. Guttenplan puts it in his compelling book, I.F. Stone did what few in his profession could—he always thought for himself. America's most celebrated investigative journalist himself remains something of a mystery, however. Born Isidor Feinstein in Philadelphia, raised in rural New Jersey, by the age of 25 this college drop-out was already an influential newsman, and enjoying extraordinary access to key figures in New Deal Washington and the friendship of important artists in New York.

It is Guttenplan's wisdom to see that the key to Stone's achievements throughout his singular career—and not just in his celebrated I.F. Stone's Weekly—lay in the force and passion of his political commitments. Stone's calm, forensic, yet devastating reports on American politics and institutions sprang from a radical faith in the long-term prospects for American democracy.

His testimony on the legacy of American politics from the New Deal and World War II to the era of the civil rights struggles, the Vietnam War, and beyond amounts to as vivid a record of those times as we are likely to have. Guttenplan's lively, provocative book makes clear why so many of his pronouncements have acquired the force of prophecy.

Chapter One

Feinstein's Progress

I was a natural-born reporter. I was a real bird dog right from the beginning.

—I. F. Stone

Before he was anything...

Praise for American Radical

“Guttenplan sat through every day of the trial, and no wiser, more honest or more melancholy book will ever be written about it.” —Neal Ascherson with praise for D.D. Guttenplan's The Holocaust on Trial

“A mixture of superb reportage and serious reflection--about the role of Jewish identity politics in the United States, anti-Semitism in Britain and the historiography of the Cold War.” —Ian Buruma, New Yorker with praise for D.D. Guttenplan's The Holocaust on Trial

“An exemplary book.” —Observer with praise for D.D. Guttenplan's The Holocaust on Trial

“Well written . . . this is the best overall account we have so far of the trial as a whole and the personalities involved in it.” —Richard J. Evans, Sunday Telegraph with praise for D.D. Guttenplan's The Holocaust on Trial


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D. D. Guttenplan

D. D. Guttenplan, The Nation's London correspondent, is the author of The Holocaust on Trial: History, Justice and the David Irving Libel Case, and is an award-winning former writer for Newsday. His essays have appeared in many American journals and newspapers.

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