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Three to See the King

Three to See the King

A Novel

Magnus Mills





A novel rich in comic menace from the author of The Restraint of Beasts

In a setting Samuel Beckett might have found homey lives a man in a house made of tin. He is content. The tin house is well constructed and located miles from the tin houses of his nearest neighbors. Though he seems to have escaped society, however, society finds him.

One day, a woman arrives and moves in. Soon a neighbor comes to visit, and then another. Soon, moving figures silhouette the horizon. People dismantling their tin houses and setting off to find a master builder with a revolutionary message. The gravitational pull cannot be resisted.

Nor can this novel. Part mystery, part parable, Three to See the King stalks the reader's imagination and grows inexorably and irresistibly in the telling.


I live in a house built entirely from tin, with four tin walls, a roof of tin, a chimney and door. Entirely from tin.
My house has no windows because there's nothing to see. Oh, there are shutters that can be used to let the light...


Praise for Three to See the King

“Wonderful, mind bending stuff. Don't miss it.” —Kirkus Reviews (starred review)

“[W]hat begins unassumingly as a novella lying somewhere east of Godot and west of Kobe Abe's famous dunes becomes instead a wild splice of Twilight Zone episodes and socialist theory, newsreels from Guyana and clips from Oz.” —Los Angeles Times Book Review

“[A] surreal, screwy new novel...Mills, like Ionesco in Rhinoceros, is exploring the wholly human proclivity to trade away a portion of one's lonesome independence in exchange for company, whether of spouse or congregation.” —San Francisco Chronicle

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About the author

Magnus Mills

Magnus Mills is the author of The Restraint of Beasts, shortlisted for the Booker and Whitbread Prizes, All Quiet on the Orient Express, and most recently, The Scheme for Full Employment. He lives in London.

Magnus Mills

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