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Chocolate Chocolate

Chocolate Chocolate

The True Story of Two Sisters, Tons of Treats, and the Little Shop That Could

Frances and Ginger Park

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When their beloved father died suddenly, authors Frances and Ginger Park (To Swim Across the World) comforted themselves with chocolates and mused on opening a confectionery shop with their small inheritance. The idea felt right to them--"a shop our late father would've loved just by virtue of its contents: chocolates and daughters"--and despite their inexperience, they decide to go for it, with their mother as silent partner. In 1984, on the day f their Washington, D.C., store, named Chocolate Chocolate, opened, they already were beset with difficulties, from crumbling walls and cracking floors installed by a shoddy, shady contractor to trying to conjure strategies to gain attention and sales. Bit by bit, their clientele grows; the sisters write fondly and often humorously of the recurring characters in their new, chocolate-centric lives, from favorite customers to the kooky sales rep who becomes an employee and dear friend. They easily move between musings on friendship and family, all the while offering inspiration and valuable lessons for budding entrepreneurs. The recipe for their house truffle rounds out this appealing, engaging memoir that's sure to appeal to a range of readers, chocoholics or not. --Publishers Weekly


Chapter 1

Baci Kiss

Starry foil wraps velvety dark chocolate around a creamy hazelnut nugget and a love note to remember

January 11, 1984.
"Lights on, Ginge."
On a bitterly cold day in the nation's capital—a...


Praise for Chocolate Chocolate

“Could there possibly be a sweeter book written by two adorably joyful sisters? Their struggle to keep their now-successful store alive since its opening in 1984 is detailed in lively prose. Best of all, the fragrance of chocolate and sugar seems to waft from the pages of this heartfelt memoir.” —Carol Memmott, USA Today

“Forget the economy, the disaster in Japan, the Middle East revolutions, even the oil crisis. Read this story of the American dream coming true.” —Booklist

“Smooth, soft-centered confection that goes down with a smile.” —Kirkus

“Heartwarming and fun, this inspirational story of how two young women created a fabulous chocolate boutique s will have desperate chocoholics mainlining chocolate syrup and snorting cocoa until they can get hold of the real thing.” —JoAnna Carl, author of The Chocoholic Mystery Series

“A charming tale of two sisters who turn their passion for chocolate into an entrepreneur's dream by opening a luxurious chocolate boutique in Washington D.C. With a fiercely loyal stream of quirky customers, a strong commitment to family and an unflappable sisterly bond to inspire them, the Park sisters confront life's ups, downs and in-betweens with all the grace and elegance of a perfectly formed chocolate truffle.” —Tish Boyle, author of The Cake Book

“The ultimate cautionary confectionary tale, replete with all the romance, ups and downs of any great food drama. This is a book to curl up with, along with the delicious, toothsome comfort of all the Godiva, Lindt, Baci and Bouchons, and (mood-altering) Half-Moon Buttercream Dreams you could wish for.” —Marcy Goldman, Author, Master Baker, A Passion for Baking, The Baker's Four Seasons, founder of

Chocolate Chocolate is a tale of sheer determination, overcoming evil villians, and ultimately, hard-won success. The divine descriptions of mouth-watering chocolates, the bursts of wisdom, lush detail and sisterly bond make this a very sweet read.” —Helen Tse, author of Sweet Mandarin

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Read the Kirkus Review of CHOCOLATE CHOCOLATE The True Story of Two Sisters, Tons of Treats, and the Little Shop that Could. Two Washington, D.C., siblings, disillusioned with life and love, join forces to realize a sweetly successful venture. - Kirkus Reviews

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Frances and Ginger Park

Sisters FRANCES AND GINGER PARK have been nibbling on bonbons and making friends at Chocolate Chocolate since 1984. Award-winning authors, the sisters love to write books for readers of all ages and have been interviewed on National Public Radio, 'Good Morning America', CNN and the Diane Rehm Show. Currently at work on separate novels, they still find time to collaborate.

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