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Paganini's Ghost

A Mystery

Author: Paul Adam

Paganini's Ghost

Paganini's Ghost



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"Paul Adam takes you to the high Himalayas of Tibet where few novelists or readers have gone before…. A master storyteller."—Nelson DeMille

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Paganini – showman, womanizer, dazzling virtuoso – is one of the most charismatic characters in the history of classical music. His violin, il Cannone (the Cannon), is now kept in Genoa, Italy, where it is played only once every two years in a sold-out concert by the winner of an international competition.

This year, though, a Parisian art dealer is found dead in his hotel room the day after the concert. In his wallet is a scrap of sheet music, torn from a page that belongs to the competition's winner. But how did the dead man get hold of it? And why?

Detective Antonio Guastafeste asks violin maker Gianni Castiglione to help him navigate the curious world of classical musicians, their priceless instruments, and the unsavory dealers who prey upon them. Together, Antonio and Gianni must unravel another mystery that has gone unanswered for over a century, one that may hold the answer to the modern-day murder.

Filled with remarkable history and musical lore, Paganini's Ghost plays at a breathtaking tempo that will keep you reading until the very last page.

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"Elegantly layered and intricately detailed." - Kirkus Reviews

"Music lovers and mystery fans have a marvelous treat in store." - Mystery Scene

"Readers will find Adam's full-bodied characters captivating but never transparent as the clever plot, enriched by meticulously detailed historical intrigues, builds to its satisfying conclusion." - Publishers Weekly (starred review)

"An intriguing puzzle combines with an enthralling mix of Italian ambience, history, and - most of all - music." - Booklist

"Bravo! Paul Adam has created an enlightening, delightful with historical references." - The Oregonian

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Paganini's Ghost

Paganini's Ghost