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The Children of the Lost

The Children of the Lost

The Agora Trilogy (Volume 2)

David Whitley

Roaring Brook Press



Cast out of the city of Agora where they were left at the end of The Midnight Charter, Mark and Lily must now survive in a dense forest. The strange villages, terrifying nightmares, and powerful witches they find there are even more frightening than Agora with all its slums and secrets. In an adventure that expands with every turn of the page, David Whitley delivers a novel as thrilling and horrifying as his characters' darkest dreams.


GRADUALLY, Lily became aware that she was being watched.
Shielding her eyes against the low, winter sun, she swept her gaze over the gnarled, bare trees that stood gray and silent around her.

Praise for The Children of the Lost

“Exciting and gripping from the first heart-stopping line, this first book in a trilogy takes readers only part of the way to resolving the predictions of the Midnight Charter and its relationship to Mark and Lily. Readers will anxiously await the next installment as they reach the cliff-hanger ending.” —School Library Journal on The Midnight Charter

“Whitley threads together a thrilling page-turner with the two young heroes' lives intertwining in surprising and illuminating ways.” —Shelf Awareness on The Midnight Charter

“Deft world-building and crafty plotting combine for a zinger of an ending that will leave readers poised for book two. Surprisingly sophisticated upper-middle-grade fare, with enough meat to satisfy older readers as well.” —Kirkus Reviews on The Midnight Charter

“Charity, greed, freedom, fate and political scheming are all woven through debut author Whitley's richly conceived world.” —Publishers Weekly on The Midnight Charter

“One of the most original and creative books I've read in a long time.” — on The Midnight Charter


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Read the Kirkus Review of CHILDREN OF THE LOST . Appearances can deceive, and light hides in darkness just as darkness hides in light. - Kirkus Reviews

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David Whitley

David Whitley, a recent graduate of Oxford, wrote his first children's novel at age seventeen; it was shortlisted for the Kathleen Fidler Award. At twenty, he was the youngest person ever to win the Chesire Prize for Literature for a children's short story. He lives in England.

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