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Book Three of The Crowthistle Chronicles

The Crowthistle Chronicles (Volume 3)

Cecilia Dart-Thornton

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Asrãthiel is a beautiful young woman, the darling of the Weathermaster clan. Yet there is an air of sadness that surrounds this beauty, for Asrãthiel lost her mother to an evil enchantment and her father soon after when grief engulfed him and he set off on a quest to find a way to free his love. While she has want for naught Asrãthiel keenly feels the loss of her parents.

Keener still, Asrãthiel feels the loss of mortal life, for while she loves her father's people dearly she knows she is not one of them. Her mother was descended from the dreaded sorcerer of Strang, and in Asrãthiel's blood lies a mighty power waiting for her to use for good or ill. In his travels her father was rendered near-immortal and this dubious gift was passed to Asrãthiel.

Now near adulthood, Asrãthiel is at a crossroads. She can stay in the safety of all she has known, hide from the world and choose to use her powers in small ways to do small good. Or she can embark on a quest to fully realize the power that surges in her blood and perhaps undo the evil that her ancestors wreaked.

Her decision will reshape the world.

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Chapter One

Comrades and Foes

Do ye know Tom Steele with his cap dark green
And his long-range bow and his blades honed keen?
Soft through the leaves he goes creeping unseen,
Hunting deer in the glades of an evening.



Praise for Weatherwitch

“Lush prose, grand Irish blarney, Boschian surrealism (with strong elements of Brian Froud) and tropical exoticism all play a part.” —Locus on The Ill Made Mute

“Featuring a courageous and unusual heroine, this series opener belongs in most fantasy collections.” —Library Journal on The Ill Made Mute

“Hobbit-fanciers will find much to delight them.” —The Times (UK) on The Ill Made Mute

“For fans of mainstream fantasy, this is likely to be one of the high marks of the year.” —Science Fiction Chronicle on The Ill Made Mute

“Like Tolkien and many of the best fantasy writers, Dart-Thornton has created a wonderful fantasy world that is a delight to wander through.” —Herald Sun on The Ill Made Mute

“In a word: enchanting.” —Sydney Herald on The Lady of Sorrows

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Cecilia Dart-Thornton

Cecilia Dart-Thornton's interests include playing music, oil painting, graphic design, photography, and clay sculpture. She lives in Australia.

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