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The Order of Things

The Order of Things

A Novel

Lynne Hinton, National Bestselling Author of FRIENDSHIP CAKE

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An out of sorts librarian finds support and friendship in the most unlikely place. The Order of Things is a new novel from Lynne Hinton--the national bestselling author of Friendship Cake.

Andreas Jay Hackett is a university librarian known for her love of keeping things organized. But one summer, she finds herself falling away from a sense of well being, depressed, "out of order." Her work doesn't give her pleasure, her friends worry about her, and her own voice begins to frighten her. Therapy, pills and doctors visits don't help, so Andreas checks herself into a psychiatric facility. There, she finds herself in a room next door to a prison inmate who has also been hospitalized. As she talks with her new neighbor, Andreas begins to come out of her despair--ultimately finding the healing she needs through a friendship that develops in the darkest of circumstances, and despite boundaries of race, gender, education, and age.


Chapter One

Mental Illness

I lost and found the order of things the year the butteries didn't migrate down from the mountains. Low sky and hot, it was a parched summer, and the days dragged on...


Praise for The Order of Things

The Order of Things is a compelling novel of one woman's descent into madness and her unlikely savior. Lynne Hinton tells her story with compassion, empathy, and authority, which makes this novel linger in the mind long after the last page is turned.” —Ron Rash, author of One Foot in Eden

“A soothing yet powerful balm for the loneliness, desperation and alienation of our times. Lynne Hinton has written a modern-day parable of hope and healing with quiet courage and heartfelt compassion.” —Cassandra King, author of The Sunday Wife

“It's a rare talent that can take us to the darkest recesses of the human psyche and still leave room for brightness and hope, but that's precisely what Hinton has done here – and with a voice that is all at once lyrical and raw, vulnerable and powerful, poetic and stark.” —Wendy Blackburn, author of Beachglass

“No one captures the condition of the human spirit better than Lynne Hinton. Her writing moves us not only on an emotional level but also urges us to further explore humanity in general. The Order Of Things is pitch-perfect, endearing and above all entertaining. Lynne Hinton does not disappoint with this long-awaited novel. Read it and you'll agree that Lynne Hinton is a master when it comes to matters of the heart.” —Michael Morris, author of Slow Way Home

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About the author

Lynne Hinton, National Bestselling Author of FRIENDSHIP CAKE

LYNNE HINTON is a writer and journalist. She is the New York Times bestselling author of Friendship Cake, Hope Springs and Forever Friends (The Hope Springs Trilogy), among other books, and writes a monthly column for The Charlotte Observer. She lives in New Mexico, where serves as pastor of St. Paul's United Church of Christ in New Mexico.

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