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Vlad (Volume 8)

Steven Brust

Tor Books


In which Vlad Taltos finds himself, much to his surprise, at the fateful Battle of Baritt's Tomb

Marching through mud just isn't as much fun as they say.

After years of surviving in Adrilankha by practicing the trade he knows best—killing people for a living—suddenly Vlad Taltos finds himself in the last place any self-respecting assassin wants to be: the army. Worse, he's right in the middle of a apocalyptic battle between two sorcerous armies, and everyone expects him to play a role they won't explain. All Vlad's got between him and the worst kind of death is his wits. Oh, and a smart-mouthed winged lizard...

Dragon is Steven Brust at his best—a swashbuckling fantasy adventure.

At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.

Memory Is Like a Watchacallit

No shit, there I was…
We'd been cut up so many ways and so many times we hardly had a skirmish line, and the enemy kept getting reinforced. I, like the rest of the outfit, was exhausted and...

Praise for Dragon

“As always, Brust invests Vlad with the panache of a Dumas musketeer and the colloquial voice of one of Zelazny's Amber heroes. This is a rousing adventure with enough humor, action, and sneaky plot twists to please newcomers as well as longtime series fans.” —Publishers Weekly on Dragon

“A splendid caper that welcomes newcomers—while existing fans will pounce.” —Kirkus Reviews

“No mere plot summary can describe accurately the fun and adventure that naturally seem to follow Vlad Taltos.” —VOYA on the Vlad Taltos series

“Watch Steven Brust. He's good. He moves fast. He surprises you. Watching him untangle the diverse threads of intrigue, honor, character and mayhem from amid the gears of a world as intricately constructed as a Swiss watch is a rare pleasure.” —Roger Zelazny on Steven Brust

“Steven Brust might just be America's best fantasy writer!” —Tad Williams on Steven Brust


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Steven Brust

Steven Brust is the bestselling author of Issola, Dragon, The Phoenix Guards, Five Hundred Years After, The Paths of the Dead, The Lord of Castle Black, Sethra Lavode, and To Reign in Hell, among many others. A native of Minneapolis, he currently lives in Las Vegas.

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