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French Trysts

French Trysts

Secrets of a Courtesan

Kirsten Lobe

St. Martin's Griffin




Somewhere between dating and eternal bliss lies a secret world of glamour, opulence, decadence and the real amorous adventures of the haut monde.

Paris is a sexy, sinful romantic playground—and what could be more thrilling than to be an American girl let loose in the City of Lights? Alexandra Ward is a Sorbonne student with a fabulous French boyfriend who's just gone AWOL and a growing love affair with all things Parisian. She realizes her new life a la Francais feels entirely like play-acting—in a good way. But what happens when a playful flirtation with the CEO of an international luxury conglomerate turns into not just a "dejeuner"—lunch— at the Ritz, but diving for canary diamonds in the famous swimming pool of the Hotel Ritz? And when that same Master of the Monde (who just happens to be married, bien sur) asks Alexandra to be something more than a date but something, well, different than a girlfriend?

French Trysts is about slipping into a new life like it's a couture suit, about the thrill of seeing what really goes on behind the gated Hotel Particuliers of the rich and famous Bon Ton de Paris, about the power of sex and the redemption of true romance.

Praise for Kirsten Lobe's Paris Hangover:

"A witty mousse."—Jacquelyn Mitchard, author of The Deep End of the Ocean

"Wickedly entertaining."—Chicago Tribune

"Decadent, sexy."—Frederic Beigbeder, author of 99 Francs and L'égoïste romantique


Believe me. I didn't set out to be a courtesan. Mon dieu! Who does? It's not as though it was a lifelong dream. In fact, back in high school in Chicago's Elmbrook, for all my puritanical behavior I could've been voted "Least likely to be a courtesan."...


Praise for French Trysts

"Lobe's second novel adds a new twist to the traditional American-in-Paris tale." - Booklist

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About the author

Kirsten Lobe

KIRSTEN LOBE is a former fashion designer from New York, and the author of the novel Paris Hangover. Six years ago, Kirsten followed her dream; leaving NYC's Tribeca for Paris' St. Germain where she now writes, exhibits her oil paintings and is "maman" to her new son, Oscar Maximilian.

Kirsten Lobe

Kirsten Lobe

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