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The Gloves

The Gloves

A Boxing Chronicle

Robert Anasi

North Point Press


A gritty, spirited inside look at the world of amateur boxing today

The Golden Gloves tournament is center stage in amateur boxing-a single-elimination contest in which young hopefuls square off in steamy gyms with the boxing elite looking on.

Robert Anasi took up boxing in his twenties to keep in shape, attract women, and sharpen his knuckles for the odd bar fight. He thought of entering "the Gloves," but put it off. Finally, at age thirty-two-his last year of eligibility-he vowed to fight, although he was an old man in a sport of teenagers and a light man who had to be even lighter (125 pounds) to fight others his size.

So begins Anasi's obsessive preparation for the Golden Gloves. He finds Milton, a wily and abusive trainer, and joins Milton's "Supreme Team": a black teenager who used to deal guns in Harlem, a bus driver with five kids, a hard-hitting woman champion who becomes his sparring partner. Meanwhile, he observes the changing world of amateur boxing, in which investment bankers spar with ex-convicts and everyone dreads a fatal blow to the head. With the Supreme Team, he goes to the tournament, whose outcome, it seems, is rigged, like so much in boxing life today.

Robert Anasi tells his story not as a journalist on assignment but as a man in the midst of one of the great adventures of his life. The Gloves, his first book, has the feel of a contemporary classic.

The Gloves

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The gym becomes a way of life. Arrive on 14th Street at 5:30 P.M., and there might be a few fighters left from the first wave, the ones too young for day jobs, the ones who work...

Praise for The Gloves

“A dying blook sport is reincarnated as a metaphor for redemption under flawed circumstances.” —Nita Rao, The Village Voice

“Robert Anasi . . . can turn a phrase as clean as a neatly wrapped fist.” —Stephanie Zacharek, Newsday

“As gripping as any Arctic chronicle . . . As the author's boxing skills increase he turns his attention to his sparring partners and fellow gym rats . . . and makes a rough lyric out of their hard lives.” —The New Yorker

“[A book] as good as any I've read about the sport.” —George Plimpton

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Robert Anasi

Robert Anasi has boxed in San Francisco and Munich as well as in the Golden Gloves Tournament. He lives by the East River in the warehouse district of Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

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Robert Anasi

North Point Press

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