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We'll Always Have Parrots

We'll Always Have Parrots

Meg Langslow Mysteries (Volume 5)

Donna Andrews

Minotaur Books


In We'll Always Have Parrots, Meg Langslow travels with her fiance Michael to a fan convention for Porfiria, Queen of the Jungle--a cheesy cult TV show on which Michael has a minor role. Michael hopes the weekend will give him a chance to talk Miss Wynncliffe-Jones, the show's temperamental leading lady and executive producer out of enforcing a certain provision in Michael's contract.

Of course, Michael's not the only person whose career the dictatorial star has manipulated. So when the star is found murdered, the police have plenty of suspects. Trouble is, Meg doesn't believe they're going to arrest the right one. Soon she finds herself following the murderer's trail through a hotel filled with egotistical actors, costumed fans, and a motley flock of monkeys and parrots who, rebelling against their role as live scenery, have escaped from their cages to take an active (and noisy) role in the festivities.

Agatha Awards - Nominee

Chapter 1

I woke up when Michael began screaming in the bathroom.

I pried open one eye and saw that it was 5:45. a.m.

"Michael,'' I called.

He probably couldn't hear me, given the volume of noise he was producing.


Praise for We'll Always Have Parrots

“Perfectly showcases Donna Andrews' gift for deadpan comedy.” —Denver Post

“Laughter, more laughter, we need laughter, so Donna Andrews is giving us We'll Always Have help us survive February.” —Washington Times

“I can't say enough good things about this series, and this entry in it.” —Deadly Pleasures


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Donna Andrews

Donna Andrews is the author of four previous books featuring Meg Langslow. She lives in Reston, Virginia, near Washington, D.C.

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