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Socs and Greasers

Socs and Greasers

Behind The Scenes of The Outsiders from Rob Lowe's Stories I Only Tell My Friends

Rob Lowe

Henry Holt and Co.



A scene taken straight from Rob Lowe's New York Times bestselling memoir, Stories I Only Tell My Friends, a wryly funny and surprisingly moving account of an extraordinary life lived almost entirely in the public eye.

In Socs and Greasers, Lowe tells us what it was like to work on the set of The Outsiders, a film that helped launch the careers of many of today's biggest stars, including Tom Cruise, Patrick Swayze, Matt Dillon, Emilio Estevez, Ralph Macchio, C. Thomas Howell, and Rob Lowe himself.

Back at the hotel I punch Tom Cruise in the face. I hit him squarely in the nose, and hard. I see his eyes water and blink, so I know he's stunned and in pain. He goes into a rage and begins to pummel me mercilessly...

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Rob Lowe

Rob Lowe is a film, television, and theater actor, a producer, and an entrepreneur. He also is involved in politics. He lives with his wife and two sons in California.

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