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Watchers in the Night

Watchers in the Night

Guardians of the Night

Guardians of the Night (Volume 1)

Jenna Black

Tor Paranormal Romance



They hunt in every major city, hidden by the crowds, shielded by disbelief. They are Killers, and their prey is human.

Not all vampires are Killers. The Guardians of the Night sacrifice the superior physical and psychic strength that comes with feeding on humans to protect them. But the Guardians walk a thin line, for even a single kill could leave them helplessly addicted to murder.

When detective-turned-P.I. Carolyn Mathers was left at the altar, she never once thought her fiancé had been turned into a vampire. Two years later, Gray reappears, bringing murder, mystery, and an unbelievable tale of Guardians, blood-thirsty Killers, and his own transformation with him.

And he's been accused of murder.

A first-rate P.I., Carolyn is determined to help. Gray won't allow what he is now to taint her -- but Carolyn vows to never let him go again.

But will helping Gray mean becoming a creature of the night?

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CAROLYN MATHERS FELT RIDICULOUS carrying a gun on a date, but that didn't stop her from donning her shoulder holster and slipping in the Glock. Pathetic, she supposed. Certainly not romantic. But Paul...

Praise for Watchers in the Night

“Clever plotting and terrific supporting characters elevate this novel into a first-rate romantic thriller.” —Romantic Times Bookclub Magazine

“One of the best new vampire series since the Black Dagger Brotherhood. . . . A must-read for all paranormal romance fans.” —The Romance Readers Connection

“[Jenna Black's] book kept me engrossed from first page to last. . . . I highly recommend this one.” —The Best Reviews

“The characters, lead and secondary, are so well written you never want the book to end. And with as many twists and turns as there are, you'll be guessing till the very end as to who the killer is.” —Romance Junkies

“Watchers in the Night is the first in what promises to be a rich and varied series.” —Fallen Angel Reviews

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Jenna Black

Author Jenna Black writes paranormal romance books and young adult novels, including Shadowspell and Watchers in the Night, which was nominated for the 2006 Paranormal Excellence in Romantic Literature (PEARL) award. She's your typical writer: an experience junkie. Once upon a time, she dreamed she would be the next Jane Goodall, camping in the bush and making fabulous discoveries about primate behavior. She went to Duke University to study physical anthropology. Then, during her senior year, she made a shocking discovery: primates spend something like 80% of their time doing such exciting things as sleeping and eating. Narrowly escaping the boring life of a primatologist, she moved on to such varied pastimes as grooming dogs and writing technical documentation. Among her other experiences: ballroom dancing, traveling to all seven continents--yes, even Antarctica--becoming a Life Master in Bridge, and singing in a barbershop chorus.

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