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Reflections In A Jaundiced Eye

Reflections In A Jaundiced Eye

Florence King

St. Martin's Griffin


In this collection of essays, Florence King confirms her position as one of the wittiest social critics now writing-and certainly the most uninhibited. Nothing escapes her withering gaze, from our greatest national institution ("Democrazy"), to the cult of Helpism ("Does Your Child Taste Salty?"), to the rules of historical romance writing ("Sex and the Saxon Churl"). If caring 'n' compassion are getting you down, open this book for a refreshing whiff of vitriol.


If suicide notes can be said to possess nationality, surely the most American one was left by historian Wilbur J. Cash: "I can't stand it anymore, and I don't even know...

Praise for Reflections In A Jaundiced Eye

“One of the most exhilarating essayists alive: occasionally raunchy but always full of high humor, casually erudite, animated by an original and constantly surprising turn of mind.” —Andrew Ferguson, The American Spectator

“Not many [authors] are worth dropping everything you're doing to read his or her new book. One of the few who makes it worthwhile is Florence King...Her essays might make you angry, but they'll also make you laugh.” —Jay Strafford, Richmond News-Leader

“King is exactly on target...One of the few contemporary American essayists of sufficient pungency and wit as to be almost always worth reading.” —Jonathan Yardley, Washington Post Book World

“To say that Florence King doesn't suffer fools gladly is an understatement akin to suggesting that Fred Astaire could maneuver quite nicely on the dance floor.” —Joanne Kaufman, People


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Florence King

Florence King is the author of Confessions of a Failed Southern Lady, With Charity Toward None, and other books. Though she still lives in Fredericksburg, Virginia, Washington-fed yuppies may yet drive her father into the hills.

Florence King

St. Martin's Griffin

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