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The Circle

The Circle

He Pledged To Serve With Duty And Honor. Instead He Fought Betrayal On A Ship Bound For Danger.

Dan Lenson Novels (Volume 3)

David Poyer

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For four years at Annapolis he prepared for this, pledging his youth, his ambition, and even his life. But when junior officer Dan Lenson finally gets his commission, it's an aging World War II destroyer. Now, with a mix of pride and fear, he heads into the world's most dangerous seas.

As the Ryan plunges into the dark waters of the Arctic Circle at the height of storm season, Lenson and the crew pursue a mysterious and menacing enemy. But he soon discovers a foe even more dangerous within the Ryan, advancing a shocking agenda that drives the ship closer and closer to disaster-testing Lenson's life and loyalty to their very limit.


Praise for The Circle

“There can be no better writer of modern sea adventure around today.” —Clive Cussler

“Impressive...original...convincing...compelling...moving...echoes The Caine Mutiny.” —Publishers Weekly

“Poyer knows what he is writing about when it comes to anything on, above, or below the water.” —The New York Times Book Review

“Not just a good tale of the sea...a thoughtful examination of the human condition, of human reactions to stress.” —Jacksonville Times-Union

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About the author

David Poyer

David Poyer graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy, Annapolis, and served on destroyers and amphibious ships. He transferred to reserve commission in 1977 and began writing. His other novels of the U.S. Navy, The Med, The Gulf, and The Passage, also feature Dan Lenson. He recently was the Distinguished Visiting Author at the U.S. Naval Academy. Poyer lives with his wife and daughter on Virginia's Eastern Shore.

David Poyer

David Poyer

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