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One Crow Alone

One Crow Alone

After the Snow (Volume 2)

S. D. Crockett

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A new Ice Age is descending. . . .

Food is expensive. Fuel is rationed. People are hungry, cold, and desperate.

Living in an isolated Polish village with her grandmother, fifteen-year-old Magda Krol has no idea of the troubles sweeping across the planet. But when her village is evacuated without her, Magda must make her way alone across the frozen wilderness to Krakow, and then on to London, where she dreams of finding warmth and safety with her long-lost mother.

In One Crow Alone, the prequel to After the Snow, S. D. Crockett turns back the clock to follow practical Magda (Willo's stepmother) through a world of growing lawlessness, hunger, brutality, and fear.


Of course there were summers.
But not then.
January. When the low wooden cottages with their graying boards and damp-swollen shutters and rickety porches on wide-planked verandas sat buried in whiteness at the foot of the...

Praise for One Crow Alone

“A stand-alone cautionary tale about environmental change.” —Kirkus Reviews

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S. D. Crockett

After the extremely hard winter of 2009, S. D. Crockett asked herself, "What if winter never ended?" and from that thought, her debut novel, After the Snow, was born. Crockett lives in the United Kingdom.

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