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Last Days of the Condor

Last Days of the Condor

A Novel

James Grady

Forge Books


Now on television: Condor, an AT&T Audience Network original series inspired by James Grady's first Condor novel.

Look in the mirror: You're nobody anybody knows. You know pursuing the truth will get you killed. But you refuse to just fade away.

So you're designated an enemy of the largest secret national security apparatus in America's history. Good guys or bad guys, it doesn't matter: All assassins' guns are aimed at you. And you run for your life branded with the code name you made iconic: Condor.

Everyone you care about is pulled into the gunsights. The CIA star young enough to be your daughter-she might shoot you or save you. The savvy political aide who lets love trump the law. The lonely woman your romantic dreams make a fugitive. The Middle Eastern child warrior you mentored into a master spy.

Last Days of the Condor is the bullet-paced, ticking clock saga of America on the edge of our most startling spy world revolution since 9/11. Set in the savage streets and Kafkaesque corridors of Washington, DC, shot through with sex and suspense, with secret agent tradecraft and full-speed action, with hunters and the hunted, Last Days of the Condor is a breakneck saga of America's secrets from muckraking investigative reporter and author James Grady.

At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.


Something's happening here.

-Buffalo Springfield, "For What It's Worth"

A cover team locked on him that rainy Washington, D.C., Monday evening as he left his surface job, flipped up his hood and stepped...

Praise for Last Days of the Condor

“Last Days of the Condor shoots high-caliber, nonstop suspense and action from the first to the last sentence, a page-turning, ultramodern, sexy spy thriller with compelling, multigenerational characters fighting to save themselves and our shadowed American dream. Terrific!” —Stephen Hunter, Pulitzer Prize–winning author of Point of Impact

“Grady is a master of intrigue.” —John Grisham, international bestselling author of Gray Mountain

“James Grady [is] the king of the modern espionage thriller.” —George Pelecanos, award-winning writer/producer of The Wire

“Lean, edgy and sassy... Grady is a master of the CIA genre.” —Kai Bird, Pulitzer Prize winning biographer and historian, author of The Good Spy: The Life and Death of Robert Ames


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James Grady

JAMES GRADY is the New York Times bestselling author of Six Days of the Condor, which became the Robert Redford movie Three Days Of The Condor. Besides working as a screenwriter for CBS, FX, HBO, and major studios, his journalism includes street time as a muckraker for columnist Jack Anderson after Watergate and being a cultural columnist for AOL's Born and raised in Montana, Grady and his wife, writer Bonnie Goldstein, live inside DC's Beltway.

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