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Tell Me How You Love the Picture

Tell Me How You Love the Picture

A Hollywood Life

Edward S. Feldman with Tom Barton

St. Martin's Press



Edward S. Feldman's legendary career began in advertising and publicity at 20th Century-Fox in the 1950s, and from there he worked his way up to executive studio positions within Seven Arts, Filmways, and Warner Brothers. Following this, he has spent the last twenty-five years as a successful, Academy Award-nominated film producer.
Ed's unique story takes readers on a more than fifty-year journey through Hollywood that few can tell--and most will never forget. With tales from the set of Whatever Happened to Baby Jane? to why a well-known actor trashed Ed's office and why a major Hollywood mogul tried to turn all of Tinseltown against one of Ed's films, readers will learn what it takes to produce a film and survive the jungles of Hollywood, laughing all the way.
Tell Me How You Love the Picture is a smartly written, surprising, hilarious memoir that takes us behind the scenes with wild, no-holds-barred stories about major Hollywood personalities ranging from Bette Davis to Elizabeth Taylor, Stanley Kubrick to Scott Rudin, Harrison Ford to Jim Carrey to Eddie Murphy and more. As a top studio exec and one of Hollywood's most respected producers, Feldman has seen the film business from the inside out, worked with some of the best talent in the industry, and experienced things few can imagine.
An incredible Hollywood memoir from one of moviedom's renowned producers, Tell Me How You Love the Picture is full of insight and the stuff of gossip, bad behavior, and high success.

Praise for Tell Me How You Love the Picture

“Ed is a great bear of a man, full of energy and enthusiasm for filmmaking and filmmakers. We have been in the trenches together and shared the heat of the battle. He has watched my back. I love him.” —Harrison Ford

“Ed Feldman is a Hollywood institution. From the unique perspective of his remarkable career, he paints a vivid, passionate, shrewd, funny, and ultimately affectionate picture of movies and the people who make them.” —Glenn Close

“Ed Feldman's stories about the film industry's moguls past and present will keep you in stitches. If you want to have a good time, read this book.” —Laura Linney

“Brilliant and too true!” —Bob Woodward, Washington Post editor and New York Times bestselling author of Plan of Attack and All the President’s Men


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Edward S. Feldman with Tom Barton

EDWARD S. FELDMAN's career has spanned from the 1950s to today. He produced such films as Save the Tiger, Witness, The Golden Child, Green Card, 101 Dalmatiaons, and The Truman Show. The Hollywood Film Festival honored Ed with an Outstanding Achievement in Producing Award presented to him by Harrison Ford. Tell Me How You Love the Picture is his first book.

TOM BARTON is a business writer, researcher, and university professor based in Florida. Tell Me How You Love the Picture is his fifth book.

Edward S. Feldman

Tom Barton

St. Martin's Press

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