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Rifters Trilogy (Volume 1)

Peter Watts

Tor Books


A huge international corporation has developed a facility along the Juan de Fuca Ridge at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean to exploit geothermal power. They send a bio-engineered crew--people who have been altered to withstand the pressure and breathe the seawater--down to live and work in this weird, fertile undersea darkness.

Unfortunately the only people suitable for long-term employment in these experimental power stations are crazy, some of them in unpleasant ways. How many of them can survive, or will be allowed to survive, while worldwide disaster approaches from below?

Starfish, the first installment in Peter Watts' Rifters Trilogy

At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.



WHEN the lights go out in Beebe Station, you can hear the metal groan.
Lenie Clarke lies on her bunk, listening. Overhead, past pipes and wires and eggshell plating, three kilometers of black ocean try to...

Praise for Starfish

“Gritty action and realistic science...a dark and vivid world.” —David Brin

“The dark universe of the sea bottom and the rich characterization captivate to the last page. Watts makes a brilliant debut with a novel that is part undersea adventure, part psychological thriller, and wholly original.” —Booklist (starred review)

“A very impressive book, highly original in its setting and unusually ingenious.” —Brian Stableford

“Peter Watts delivers--solid, inventive hard SF about the deep sea, but as we've never seen before. This moves like the wind.” —Gregory Benford

“Peter Watts bathes a gonzo, hopeless pessimism reminiscent of Philip K. Dick or Joanna Russ in the cold, edgy light of hard science fiction à la Benford, Bear, or Tiptree. In Starfish, Watts creates in his protagonist a poetry of dysfunction which is angry and eerily redemptive, and which makes compelling, almost compulsive reading.” —Candas Jane Dorsey

“I read Starfish in several large gulps. The story drives like a futuristic locomotive. It's a hypnotic read, somber and compelling. Best thing I've read in a long time. Peter Watts is an author to watch for.” —Robert Sheckley


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Peter Watts

Peter Watts is the author of Starfish, and he currently lives in Toronto, Ontario.

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