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On Death and Dying

On Death and Dying

What the Dying Have to Teach Doctors, Nurses, Clergy and their Own Families

Elisabeth Kubler-Ross; Read by Carol Bilger

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The world-famous bestseller that brought new insight, hope and understanding to millions now available on CD!

Dr. Elisabeth Kübler-Ross created her classic seminal work, On Death and Dying, to offer us a new perspective on the terminally ill. It is not a psychoanalytic study, nor is it a "how-to" manual for managing death. Rather, it refocuses on the patient as a human being and a teacher, in the hope that we will learn from him or her about the final stages of life. On Death and Dying examines the attitudes of the dying and the factors that contribute to society's anxiety over death. It closely looks at the five stages of death--denial and isolation, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance--and how the dying and living deal with them.

In addition, this program offers multi-voice readings of some of the most revealing interviews Dr. Kübler-Ross conducted with her patients. By hearing some of the most intimate and sensitive feelings expressed by those men and women, it is hoped that we may learn more about death and lessen our own anxieties about the natural course of our lives. At its heart, On Death and Dying is a truly remarkable program about communication--offering insight on how to talk with and listen to the terminally ill, and truly hear their fears, hopes, angers, and anxieties.

Praise for On Death and Dying

“The presentation of the seminal work in this field may offer new insight even to those who have already read it.... The various patients are presented by a male and female reader in an effective give-and-take with Bilger...Their voices are well-modulated and reflect intensity of emotion without being overdone.” —AudioFile -

Elisabeth Kubler-Ross; Read by Carol Bilger

Elisabeth Kübler-Ross is a medical doctor, psychiatrist, internationally renowned thanatologist, and a bestselling author.

Carol Bilger narrated the audiobook versions of On Death and Dying by Elizabeth Kübler-Ross as well as Anita Diamant's The Red Tent, both published by Macmillan Audio. Bilger has provided voice-overs for films such as Descent 3 and Blazing Stewardesses. She has also done voice work for the television series Bionic Six.

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