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Giant Squid

Author: Candace Fleming; illustrated by Eric Rohmann

Giant Squid

Giant Squid


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A strikingly illustrated, poetic look at the enigmatic life of the astounding and elusive giant squid.
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The giant squid is one of the most elusive creatures in the world. As large as whales, they hide beyond reach deep within the sea, forcing scientists to piece together their story from those clues they leave behind.

An injured whale's ring-shaped scars indicate an encounter with a giant squid. A piece of beak broken off in the whale's belly; a flash of ink dispersed as a blinding defense to allow the squid to escape-- these fragments of proof were all we had . . . until a giant squid was finally filmed in its natural habitat only two years ago.

In this beautiful and clever nonfiction picture book about the giant squid, Candace Fleming and Eric Rohmann explore, both visually and poetically, this hidden creature's mysterious life.

A Neal Porter Book

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"Visually marvelous, like its subject."—Kirkus Reviews

The artwork is marvelous; the murky blues and blacksof the ocean make it easy to appreciate how hard it has been for scientists and sailors to see the elusive squid—and how startling it must be when that enormous “ghostly, lidless” eye appears."— The Horn Book, starred review

"Curious readers will be inspired by the engaging text and stunning illustrations to learn more about the giant squid. An essential purchase for science collections."—School Library Journal, starred review

"The assembling of this creature from its parts to the whole, through both pictures and poetry, will captivate audiences young and old."—Publishers Weekly, starred review

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Giant Squid

Giant Squid