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Hocus Focus

Hocus Focus

Adventures in Cartooning

James Sturm, Andrew Arnold & Alexis Frederick-Frost

First Second


All day long, the Knight peels turnips. This isn’t what she had in mind for her first magic lesson. She wants to make a magic potion, not soup! Things get a lot more exciting when she steals the wizard’s magic wand and spell book. Her potion transforms Edward into a giant worm—and he’s hungry!

Hocus Focus offers more sweet, goofy storytelling from the creators of Adventures in Cartooning. With simple how-to-draw tutorials on the endpapers, these cute picture books are a playful extension of the hit instructional series.

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James Sturm, Andrew Arnold & Alexis Frederick-Frost

James Sturm's books include The Golem's Mighty Swing, Market Day, and Satchel Paige: Striking Out Jim Crow. He is the co-founder of the Seattle alternative newspaper the Stranger and the Center for Cartoon Studies, an MFA degree granting college.

Andrew Arnold's work has appeared in several publications, including Nickelodeon Magazine and Cambridge University Press. Originally from Houston, Texas, Andrew currently lives in New York City.

Alexis Frederick-Frost's illustrations have appeared in a variety of publications including Nickelodeon Magazine, First Second Books, and others. Alexis currently lives with his wife in Maryland.

image of James Sturmo
(c) James Sturm

First Second

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