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What James Said

What James Said

Liz Rosenberg; illustrated by Matthew Myers

Roaring Brook Press


A funny, heartfelt, perfectly pitched story about misunderstandings and the importance of true friendship.

When a little girl thinks that her best friend James has been saying bad things about her behind her back, she takes action in the form of the silent treatment. As they go about their day and James tries harder and harder to get her to talk to him, they both realize that true friendship surpasses any rumor... or misunderstanding.

A classic childhood situation is brought to life with humor and poignancy with energetic illustrations by Matt Myers and a simple, telling text by Liz Rosenberg.

A Neal Porter Book

Texas 2x2 Reading List, ME Chickadee Book Award - ML

Praise for What James Said

“A charming tale of misunderstanding and reconciliation.” —Booklist

Reviews from Goodreads

Liz Rosenberg; illustrated by Matthew Myers

Liz Rosenberg is the author of Tyrannosaurus Dad, also illustrated by Matthew Myers and nearly 30 more books for children. She's also a best selling novelist for adults. She teaches at Binghamton University and divides her time between upstate NY, Florida, and North Ireland.

Even though Matthew Myers never got any ribbons for his art in school, he stuck with it until he won the best prize of all: getting to make pictures all day. Matthew has illustrated Tyrannosaurus Dad and the hilarious Musk Ox series (A is for Musk Ox, Musk Ox Counts, and The World According to Musk Ox) with Roaring Brook Press. He lives in Charlotte, North Carolina, in a house with paint spatters all over the floor.

Liz Rosenberg

Roaring Brook Press

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