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Olympians: Apollo

The Brilliant One

Olympians (Volume 8)

Author: George O'Connor

Olympians: Apollo

Olympians: Apollo


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The sun god has his day in the 8th volume of the New York Times bestselling Olympians series!
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George O’Connor’s vibrant, kinetic art brings ancient tales to life in the New York Times Bestselling series The Olympians. This fusion of super-hero aesthetics and ancient Greek mythology is perfect for fans of Percy Jackson!
From high atop Olympus, the nine Muses, or Mousai, recount the story of the powerful and quick-tempered Apollo, the Brilliant One. Born of a she-wolf and Zeus, King of Gods, Apollo is destined for the greatest of victories and most devastating of failures as his temper, privilege, and pride take him into battle with a serpent, into love with a beautiful but unattainable nymph, and into deadly competition with his best friend. Watch closely as Apollo navigates the tumultuous world in which he lives. Will he rise above the rest and fulfill his destiny as the son of Zeus, or will he falter, consumed by his flaws and destroy all that he touches?

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"A shining example of a graphic novel that educates and entertains." School Library Journal, starred review

"As in previous series entries, the backmatter includes commentary, analysis, reading lists, and discussion questions. Apollo's darker tendencies overshadow his divine radiance here but, as usual, make better tales." —Kirkus Review

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Olympians: Apollo

Olympians: Apollo