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Charlie Joe Jackson's Guide to Not Growing Up

Charlie Joe Jackson's Guide to Not Growing Up

Charlie Joe Jackson Series (Volume 6)

Tommy Greenwald; illustrations by J. P. Coovert

Roaring Brook Press


Yes! Graduation day is finally here!

Charlie Joe has been waiting for this moment his entire middle school career. This might even be the best day of his life. No more teachers! No more books! Just make it through the ceremony and he's free. But suddenly things around him are starting to change. Words like "responsibility" and "college prep" keep popping out of his friend's mouths. What happened to words like "fun" and "pool party"? And come to think of it, doesn't high school bring more teachers and more books? Maybe this whole growing up thing isn't such a good idea after all. Actually being a kid is pretty darn fun! Surely Charlie Joe can figure out a way to put the brakes on growing up-and fast!

This hilarious final installment in the Charlie Joe Jackson series written by Tommy Greenwald and illustrated by J. P. Coovert is infused with nostalgia and just the right amount of chaos.


My name is Charlie Joe Jackson, and I used to hate reading.

Guess what? Now I hate it a little less. (Let’s keep that between us.)

I guess that’s what they call part of “the maturing process.”


Praise for Charlie Joe Jackson's Guide to Not Growing Up

Praise for the Charlie Joe Jackson series:

"Snappy, sarcastic middle-school humor lifts this overlong book, and the spot drawings and occasional very short pithy paragraphs are a pleasant surprise. No middle schooler wants to face a month at summer enrichment camp, but many will enjoy watching Charlie Joe work harder than he has ever worked before to avoid it." —Kirkus Reviews on Charlie Joe Jackson's Guide to Extra Credit

"Reluctant readers . . . are the target audience here. All in all it’s a great little book . . . . This is definitely the book to hand those The Strange Case of Origami Yoda fans out there who are looking for more, and it’ll probably satisfy non-non-readers as well." —School Library Journal on Charlie Joe Jackson's Guide to Not Reading

"[S]lackers everywhere have a new, likable hero in Charlie Joe Jackson."Kirkus Reviews on Charlie Joe Jackson's Guide to Not Reading


Reviews from Goodreads

Tommy Greenwald; illustrations by J. P. Coovert

Tommy Greenwald--according to his wife Cathy--has the maturity level of a 13-year-old, which makes him uniquely qualified to write the Charlie Joe Jackson series. He has had the best time EVER writing the Charlie Joe Jackson series, and is looking forward to his next challenge, which may involve dogs, or chocolate, or both. He is also the author of Jack Strong Takes a Stand in addition to Katie Friedman Gives Up Texting! (And Lives to Tell About It) and Pete Milano's Guide to Being a Movie Star.

J. P. Coovert is the illustrator of the Charlie Joe Jackson books by Tommy Greenwald. He lives in Minneapolis with his wife and their dogs, designing t-shirts, illustrating, and drawing comics whenever he can.

Roaring Brook Press

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