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Monsters Beware!

Monsters Beware!

The Chronicles of Claudette

Written by Jorge Aguirre; illustrated by Rafael Rosado

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Trade Paperback

Claudette is back AGAIN, and she’s ready to kick major monster butt!

She’s fought giants, clobbered dragons, and now Claudette faces her biggest challenge yet… herself! Well, that and a gang of vile monsters. It all begins when Claudette’s town hosts the annual Warrior Games. After some sneaky maneuvering, Claudette manages to gets herself, Marie, and Gaston chosen as her town's representatives. But none of Claudette’s past battles has prepared her for this. And to make matters worse, they must stop the vicious Sea Queen and her evil children from using the Warrior Games to free the dark Wizard Grombach and conquer the world!

In Monsters Beware!, the third and final book of the Claudette graphic novel series, Claudette is put the ultimate test. With her honor on the line will she learn that there's more to a fight than just winning?


Praise for Monsters Beware!

Praise for Dragon's Beware!

"The series manages to foreground reasoning, diplomacy, and cooperation without sparing any of the freewheeling action or dragon-vomiting humor."—Booklist

"This rowdy adventure is sure to be a crowd pleaser. "—Kirkus

"Kids will eat up this installment and eagerly await the next series offering. "—SLJ

Praise for Giant's Beware!

“Fast, fun, and joyous to look at!” —Jeff Smith, author of Bone

“A young heroine and her two sidekicks set off on adventure in Giants Beware!” —The New York Times

“A surefire hit!” —Publishers Weekly, starred review

“Strong and lively!” —School Library Journal, starred review

“The writing is great, the artwork is just stupendous - I can't recommend this book highly enough!” —BoingBoing Geek Week Podcast

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About the author

Written by Jorge Aguirre; illustrated by Rafael Rosado

Jorge Aguirre is a Colombian-American from Columbus, Ohio. He's written for everything from the most popular children's shows to documentaries about Romanian exorcisms. He lives on the East Coast.

Born in Puerto Rico and based in Ohio, Rafael Rosado is a veteran of the animation industry. He is currently a storyboard artist for Warner Brothers, Disney, and Cartoon Network.

Rafael Rosado

Jorge Aguirre

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