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Quirk's Quest: The Lost and the Found

Quirk's Quest: The Lost and the Found

Quirk's Quest (Volume 2)

Written and illustrated by Robert Christie and Deborah Lang

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Marooned in unknown and exceedingly hostile territory, Captain Quenterindy Quirk and his furry entourage continue their royal quest to explore the uncharted lands of Crutonia. And now they've made a most remarkable discovery: A mysterious and highly advanced civilization lies beneath the surface of the island. But the rulers of this new world have little patience for inept explorers or their royal quests.

Vividly illustrated and starring a cunningly designed cast of characters, Quirk's Quest is a tale of adventure in a fully imagined world ripe for exploration. Included in this volume is an illustrated roster of the important characters and a map of the world of Crutonia.

Praise for Quirk's Quest: The Lost and the Found

"The ominous cliffhanger end presages a third volume that fans will want ASAP."—Kirkus -

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Written and illustrated by Robert Christie and Deborah Lang

Robert Christie grew up on Long Island and spent most of his waking hours obsessively drawing. While taking cover from a lunchroom food fight, he met Deborah Lang and shortly thereafter they conspired to create Crutonia. He makes his living as an illustrator, painter, and prop maker for major motion pictures, Broadway, and fashion photo shoots.

Deborah Lang is a cartoonist, scientific illustrator, and molecular biologist. She was born in New York City, but eventually moved to Long Island purely to meet up with Robert Christie and create Crutonia with him. Into the Outlands is her first long-form graphic novel to be published.

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