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Hector the Collector

Hector the Collector

Emily Beeny; illustrations by Stephanie Graegin

Roaring Brook Press


“A sweet and child-sensitive addition to any picture-book collection.” —Kirkus Reviews

When Hector comes across an acorn, he discovers a love for collecting them in all shapes and sizes.

They were all different.
They were all the same.
They were all beautiful.

One day his teacher finds his desk filled with acorns, and his classmates make fun of poor Hector. But they soon learn that all collections are special—whether coins, stuffed animals, songs, or seashells—and that some collections are also meant for sharing, like the paintings in an art museum or the books at a public library.

Hector the Collector is a charming and evocative story that celebrates the joy of collecting and how collections can grow into the most breathtaking museums in the world.

Praise for Hector the Collector

“A sweet and child-sensitive addition to any picture-book collection.” —Kirkus Reviews

“Best shared one-on-one with budding collectors, who will appreciate Hector’s curatorial eye and fascination with seemingly ordinary objects found in the natural world.” —School Library Journal

“A concise introduction to the concept of a collection.” —Publishers Weekly

“In this sweet story, a young, overalls-clad pup named Hector finds wonder in one of autumn’s most ubiquitous offerings: the acorn . . . By moving from personal to public assemblages, Beeny helps young readers grasp the concept of collecting.” —Booklist


Reviews from Goodreads

Emily Beeny; illustrations by Stephanie Graegin

Emily Beeny is a curator and art historian specialized in French paintings. She holds a PhD from Columbia University and has worked at museums in New York, Paris, Boston, and Southern California. She lives in Los Angeles with her husband and their cat and dog.

Stephanie Graegin spent her childhood drawing and collecting fauna in Fort Wayne, Indiana, and Houston, Texas. She received her BFA in fine arts from the Maryland Institute College of Art, and her MFA in printmaking from the Pratt Institute. Stephanie now lives in Brooklyn, is still drawing, and has managed to keep her collection down to one orange cat.

image of Emily Beenyo
Greg Heins

Emily Beeny

Roaring Brook Press

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