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Chasma Knights

Chasma Knights

Boya Sun and Kate Reed Petty

First Second


Beryl lives in a world full of toys. But these aren't your ordinary toys—they're mechanical marvels that almost seem alive! And at the slightest touch, these toys "catalyze," that is, they merge with their owner and give them special abilities.

But not Beryl. She's a Neon Knight, and Neon Knights can't catalyze.

Beryl does have a special ability that no one knows about—she's an inventor who can turn a broken toy into an amazing, new creation. When a powerful Oxygen Knight named Coro discovers Beryl's secret workshop, she wants in on the fun. But can a Neon Knight and an Oxygen Knight ever get along? Find out in Boya Sun and Kate Reed Petty's Chasma Knights.

Praise for Chasma Knights

"Although the book is a stand-alone, do not be surprised if kids demand more adventures (and wish for a Toy of their own!) in this charmingly inventive world. Adorable and innovative."—Kirkus

"The pastel palette, rounded figures, and cute toys aplenty are all very appealing, and the gentle emphasis on STEM is a nice bonus."—Booklist

"This graphic novel features a bright palette, anime-esque character designs reminiscent of Steven Universe, and seamless, flowing panel work... A gorgeous work." —School Library Journal

Reviews from Goodreads

Boya Sun and Kate Reed Petty

Kate Reed Petty's writing has appeared in The Los Angeles Review of Books, Nat. Brut, Ambit, and Narrative. She lives in Baltimore, in a very old house that needs creative repairs as often as Coro’s Toy Cart does.

Boya Sun is an illustrator and one of the artists behind the 5 Worlds graphic novel series. When not creating new toys for Beryl’s workshop, Boya enjoys playing random songs on the guitar and experimenting with cooking.

First Second

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