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Secret Coders: Robots & Repeats

Secret Coders (Volume 4)

Author: written by Gene Luen Yang; illustrated by Mike Holmes

Secret Coders: Robots & Repeats

Secret Coders: Robots & Repeats


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The coders are back in the fourth volume of the hit computer-programming series by New York Times–bestselling author Gene Luen Yang.
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Dr. One-Zero has added a new class to Stately Academy's curriculum. But in "Advanced Chemistry," they only teach one lesson: how to make Green Pop! While their classmates are manufacturing this dangerous soda, the Coders uncover a clue that may lead them to Hopper's missing dad. Is it time to use Professor Bee's most powerful weapon: the Turtle of Light?

From graphic novel superstar (and former computer-programming teacher) Gene Luen Yang, comes Robots & Repeats, the fourth volume of Secret Coders. This wildly entertaining series combines logic puzzles and basic coding instruction with a page-turning mystery plot!

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Praise for the Secret Coders series:

"Gene Yang brings computer coding to life." —Entertainment Weekly

"By the end of Secret Coders, readers will learn the three major ways that code is organized, right alongside Hopper and Eni, not as something dry or rote, but something transformative."

"Gene Luen Yang’s talent is prodigious, his enthusiasm contagious....Even this confirmed technophobe was ready to learn coding." —Katherine Applegate, author of Crenshaw and The One and Only Ivan

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Secret Coders: Robots & Repeats

Secret Coders: Robots & Repeats