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Meltdown: Earthquake, Tsunami, and Nuclear Disaster in Fukushima

Meltdown: Earthquake, Tsunami, and Nuclear Disaster in Fukushima

Deirdre Langeland

Roaring Brook Press


Deirdre Langeland's Meltdown explores for middle grade readers the harrowing story of the deadly earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear meltdown that caused the 2011 Fukushima power plant disaster

On March 11, 2011, the largest earthquake ever measured in Japan occurred off the northeast coast. It triggered a tsunami with a wall of water 128 feet high. The tsunami damaged the nuclear power plant in Fukushima triggering the nightmare scenario--a nuclear meltdown.

For six days, employees at the plant worked to contain the meltdown and disaster workers scoured the surrounding flooded area for survivors.

This book examines the science behind such a massive disaster and looks back at the people who experienced an unprecedented trifecta of destruction.



Friday, March 11, 2011, 2:46 P.M.

Reactor Status

Reactor 1: Fully operational

Reactor 2: Fully operational

Reactor 3: Fully operational

Reactor 4: Shut down for inspection


Praise for Meltdown: Earthquake, Tsunami, and Nuclear Disaster in Fukushima

Praise for Meltdown:

"A well-researched, sharply written, engrossing account of natural and nuclear disaster."—Kirkus, starred review

"An in-depth, scientific approach to explain the disastrous 2011 Tohoku earthquake, deadly tsunami, and tragic nuclear meltdown of the Fukushima ­Daiichi nuclear power plant in Japan."—School Library Journal


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Deirdre Langeland

Deirdre Langeland has been a children's book editor and writer for more than twenty years. She currently freelances as an editor and ghost writer, focusing on science and nature explainers for young readers. Her own books include Octopus' Den and Kangaroo Island. She lives in New York's Hudson River valley.

Deirdre Langeland

Roaring Brook Press

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